Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Lady Monster, Part II

I posted a picture last year of a Lady Banksia Rose that grows along the railroad tracks in Liberty Hill. It grows almost completely over an old house and was probably planted way back when the house had paint. I can just imagine that it was a favorite of the woman that lived there. I would bet that she never dreamed it would still be alive and doing so well.

It is now grown to the top of the 50' oak trees where it is planted and spans through those oak trees as well. If you click on the pictures they will enlarge and you can see the blooms all the way to the top and to the far side of the oak trees. Looking at it from the rail road track side, it is hard to believe there is a house under there.


ConsciousGardener said...

I loooove Lady Banksia and have planted two at my little urban bungalow. The one in the backyard escaped into my neighbors yard...they don't garden, and I'm not sure they even know it's there...but, it's grown up into an old dead tree of theirs and I can see it from my backyard...lovely!

katina said...

Ross and I were just talking about this today--he's thinking of putting in a Lady Banksia in his backyard and asked if I knew anything about them. I told him he needed to keep it pruned less it take over his house "like that picture Bob took a while back"

ESP said...

Hi Bob.

I remembered immediately the post you did last year on the Lady Banksia Rose...unreal! Look at it now! It is like a fantastic storybook,an Edward Scissor Hands abode that has gone completely that is some serious privacy screening!

Wondering if you going to Lori's happy hour Sunday? Leah is dying to meet you.


TexasDeb said...

Seeing as all the oak trees are conspiring to kill me with their pollen at the moment, I consider this justification for their existence (my hatred is short term but intense) - as support for the glorious blooms of a Lady B. Just an amazing display of how well suited these roses are for our area.

RyanM said...

Alas, I seem to be unable to enlarge the images in firefox. Don't know if it is a browser issue. Where in Liberty Hill is this? Maybe I will check it out next time I drive through.