Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hazards Of Country Gardening

Woke up a couple mornings ago to the sound of my dog going nuts. I hollered at Lyn to see what was wrong. She hollered back that there was a cow in the front yard. I got up, got dressed and went down to assess the damage as we had just planted a bunch of new plants in what used to be the front yard.

I find not a cow but a bull in the big bed of Greg's Mist Flower, munching away. Seeing me he started toward the back. He turned around and came back to the bed of Lariopes and started eating them. When he walked between Lyn's car and the air conditioner, he knocked the corner of the air conditioner off, exposing all the wiring.

He started trying to drink the water that was dripping out of the air conditioner so I figured he was thirsty. I got two buckets of water and took him one. He drank it all and came to me to drink the other one. I led him to the back gate and set the bucket down out side the gate. He went through and I shut the gate and was rid of him.........I think.