Saturday, March 29, 2014

Recent Garden Tour

I was visiting a couple recently that are customers of mine that have, like most of my customers, become very good friends. Mrs. Cole is an avid gardener and has an unusual and different garden then we usually see. She has to deal with deer as well as other kinds of varmints that want what she grows. She has done a good job of keeping the varmints out and the veggies in but it has taken her and Mr. Cole some serious work to do it. Like my own gardens, she had to bring all her dirt in as there just wasn't any there.

I noticed when I drove up that she had added to my favorite bottle tree.

 The deer proof fence was made with materials on hand, cedar and lots of it.

 Beds are also made of material that was plentiful on their place meaning rocks, syrup tubs and plastic drums cut in half.

 Paths are made of wood chippings.
 Excess run off from the house runs off in a dry creek bed.
This is such a productive little garden with some thing to harvest all the time. Mrs. Cole may need help this year as Mr. Cole is under going cancer treatments and was a feeling a little punky the last time I was there. They own land on both sides of the road and the land on the side opposite the house borders the Lampasas river. They have always given me access to fish the river and it's one of the most beautiful and relaxing places to fish that I know of. I may have to go fishing a little early one day and help her with the garden. It would only be right seeing as how I will also get to fish!