Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hill Country Natives

Hill Country Natives had their annual shindig this past weekend and it was bigger and better than ever. They have a lot of my work as well as the work of some talented artisans. They always ask me to attend in case any one wants to know about the things I've built. They would be Mitch and Kathy Mitchamore. They are two of the nicest people you would want to meet and are very knowledgeable in native and well adapted plants. While they are not generally open to the public, a call will usually get you an invite to come out.

There were also people there with displays on native plants, master gardener programs as well as master naturalists and permaculture techniques. Even with all the people it was a very relaxing day as so much of the nursery is in shade with sitting areas, beautiful gardens and the sounds of creeks and pond fountains though out.

Look who I met while I was there, it's Meredith O'reilly, one of my gardening buds. She has Great Stems gardening blog.

My friend Larry Hullums was giving stone carving demonstrations in the drive way. He made a very cool stone stool while he was there and let Mitch give it away in a drawing. I didn't win, dammit. Is this not a beautiful stool to have around a garden pond?

I was finally able to take pictures of the most resent gate I built for the nursery, installed. My camera battery was dead when I hung it.

I got the inspiration for building this gate after building one for Meredith several months ago. She designed her own gate and did a marvelous job on it.

Any one who didn't make it this year should be sure to try to come next year. Mitch has gathered up native plants not on Texas plants, but from other south western states, that will do well here and also give us gardeners more choice for hardy plants in our gardens.