Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Last Tank Is In

The last tank went into place last week and it was a job. I havne't been able to round up the usual suspects to help in a while now so Lyn suggested we do it our selves. She hates starting a project and not staying on it until it's finished or at least until your at a good stopping point. When doing something like this I have to ponder the situation a while, first to make sure it's doable for us and second, that it can be done without her getting hurt. It's not the same working with heavy stuff with a 120# woman as it is with a 200 plus pound man. When it comes to work, Lyn doesn't know quit, and I try to watch out for any danger that would involve her. These tanks weigh close to 400# so going slow and being careful was paramount.

Lyn and I  moved the last three tanks into place in one evening. As with the others the leveling after getting them into place was the hardest part. This is the last tank loaded onto the trailer. The Chief, in her normal work attire looks satisfied but a little pooped. It really was hard work but then again, we make a hellava good team.

All tanks in position now and plumbed up. Next I start the pump and filter house. I'll keep you posted when we start and build it.


Tabor said...

IMpressive work. I cannot imagine what possessed you to take this on, but it will be great when done.

ESP said...

Hi Bob.

If anything serious happens on the planet Earth, like an alien invasion, or some agricultural anomaly, like what happened in "The Happening" movie, I just hope you will let the Patch members in to the safe haven that will be become Draco Gardens, (the LAST human outpost). You make the water reclamation on the planet Dune look insignificant with all your tanks! And that was DUNE for crying out loud! Arrakis / Texas... very similar environments only Texas has a significantly smaller "worm sign"! (I use "thumpers" to encourage the worms on a regular basis in the ESP!)

What an amazing feat of engineering Bob...I am in awe of the scale and dream of your endeavor, truly inspiring!


Rock rose said...

Your project is absolutely amazing. i would give anything to have just one of those tanks but I'm not sure where we would put it. When will the bloggers get a tour?

ConsciousGardener said...

Good grief! You are just wild and amazing! Way to go! Now to get on that water-tank wall project...
BTW, happy belated birthday, I was secretly hoping that you'd take my advice and throw a party...but nay the phone did not ring. poo-poo

Happy New Year~!

Anonymous said...

Dune jumped to mind for me too! How you and the little woman, about my size got those tanks into place boggles the mind. Glad to hear you are looking out for her, whether she thinks she needs it or not. This line up is quite artistic, in an otherworldly sort of way. I want to learn more as it progresses. :-)
I also live in Athens, but don't let that out for the public to know.