Saturday, November 28, 2009

Watermelon at Thanksgiving.

I picked my second to last watermelon the day before Thanksgiving. I'm going to try to get the last one to make it to Christmas. I've already gotten it ready for the tarp covering to protect it from frost. Wouldn't that be a hoot to eat a fresh watermelon out of the garden on Christmas?

It is a Crimson Sweet, not very big, about fifteen pounds. It tasted great, really sweet. It's the only type watermelon that I've ever had any luck with. After slicing it up, I dug right in. Philip, this picture is for you.

I planted six seeds and all of them came up. They produced several watermelons in the summer but they all got blossom end rot. The vines all died but one because of my chinsy watering. The one vine that is left has covered about thirty feet of fence and has had five melons this fall. The one I am eating started out on the fence but I had to cut the tendril that was holding it and put it on the ground.

I ate the last of the cantaloupe last week. The vine still looks good but there are no more fruit. This great fall has saved the melon harvest. Lyn is still harvesting beans and is canning around four quarts a week. The beans look even better than they did in the spring.

After watching the weather tonight I think it's about over for the vegetable garden for this year. Even with the severe drought in the summer it's still been a good year for vegetables, thanks to the fall.


Caroline said...

Crimson Sweet, you say? Good to know! I will try that variety next year. My green beans are producing well too, and I have two good sized cucumbers.

ESP said...

Haha Bob, I am sure that picture will win a Gardening Gone Wild competition when I enter it :-)

When I hit your site, it pre-loaded and I caught a glimpse of a moustache, I said out loud to my wife "Hey I think I just saw Bob".
The page loaded and she leaned-in and said "that is exactly how I imagined him", I agreed.

Looks like you had a great thanksgiving, what a spread,and what a great "farmhouse" table to eat it all on. I will have to give the Crimson Sweet a go myself next year. Good luck with the Christmas watermelon. Fingers crossed.


SomeLikeItHot said...

How awesome that you are still getting watermelon. I'd love to know how you did it.

After seeing your comment on my blog, I just checked out yours for the first time, and wow, what a great garden you have. I'll definitely be checking back often.


ConsciousGardener said...

Great photo Bob! I'm so glad we got to see your garden yesterday, I'm in love with your pond!