Friday, June 12, 2009


We have dug our first beets. The rest will be dug in just a few days. I love pickled beets. My Mom would put up just a few jars every year. No one ate them but her and me. It was certainly a delight to see them out at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lyn has had to figure the beet canning out on her own as we never found a recipe book when Mom passed away. I was lucky to marry a woman who loves to cook, that takes it very seriously, and just can't stand it if something doesn't taste just perfect. Lyn doesn't like them but experimented by putting up one jar at a time of slightly different changes till I thought it was perfect. She couldn't hardly stand to watch me do the taste test. I was sucking on them and slurping them around in my mouth, slowly chewing to get all the taste out of them. She just couldn't watch. She stayed with it till they taste just perfect, the way Mom's used to taste. We put boiled eggs in the extra juice to have beet juice pickled eggs. U-u-u-m-m-m, good. Yeah, I know what your thinking. Man, I'm a lucky guy.

I usually grow only one bed of beets and that puts up no more than ten quarts of beets. Detroit Reds have always done the best for me. Chiogga is one I will try next year in a small plot to test. I don't want to take up space from my main performers though.I tend to horde them to make sure they last all year and still have a couple of jars to give away to friends that like them.


Unknown said...

yum, I just love beets. didn't grow any this year, but they are on my list for next season.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob.
The eggs sound amazing!
Have you tried eating beets like this? A great summer side dish, also from my mother (well, slightly modified)!

Three small beets,
(cut raw beet into small quarter inch cubes)
One Onion (thin sliced)
One small clove of garlic(pressed)
A handful of feta cheese chunks, that will quickly turn purple!

Dump in a mixture of balsamic, malt and white-wine vinegar.
A few splashes of worcestershire
sauce (just so it barely covers the ingredients).
Add a few sprigs of mint leaves.

Mix up, add salt and pepper to will be hooked!

I also love pickled beets, but I think this is even better!

Emeril La ESP.

Bob said...

Wow, that sounds good. I'll talk to the Missus. I think there is just a few left that didn't get pickled.

WE said...

With all of the experimenting that your wife did to find the best recipe, would you mind sharing the final recipe? I also have a bunch of beets that I need to do something with, but this is my first year with them.


katina said...

gah, I'm such a dork...I left my beet comment on the "it must be dry" entry.

ConsciousGardener said...

I didn't grow 'em this year but traded a neighbor for my onions, I love the pickled "pink eggs" we do the same! You are a lucky guy Bob!

Chandramouli S said...

Yummm! I love beets with potatoes! We make a spicy curry with 'em here and god, do I loooove it! Your fresh beets makes me wanna eat that curry.... Mmmmm... I'm sure yours taste great!