Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A job from a gardener

In all my years of welding and ornamental iron work, other than gates, I can't say as I've ever gotten a job for a gardener. I recently had someone ask me to build a garden patio table. They had seen some tables that I had built for a custom furniture store in Georgetown and decided that something similar would look good on their garden patio. After building it I learned that they were the owners of Hill Country Natives, a native tree nursery in Leander. Their names are Mitch and Kathy Mitchener and nicer people you could not find. After delivering the table Mitch decided to get me to design and build him a trailer to move the really big trees around the nursery behind his riding mower. They were elated with both projects and I have two new friends as well as customers.

The trailer is made so one man can scoop up those really big pots with trees in them. Mitch tells me it turned a three man job into a one man job. I just love it when customers are happy with my work. And I'm really happy when they become friends.


Anonymous said...

I met Mitch a few years back and I have to say you have great taste in friends.

And that is a beautiful table you've turned out.

Anonymous said...

Bob, that is a gorgeous table! And an ingenious cart. Those guys came to the perfect man to solve their problem, a metal-working gardener who could relate to their issue.
Robin at Getting Grounded

Mother Nature said...

I think you've turned your skill into a work of art with the table.

Mihani Konana Gennisi said...

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