Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pond tour

My wife and I were able to make both days of the pond tour this year.Very interesting and very enjoyable as usual. The Austin Pond Society must be one of the most organized and nicest bunch of people on the planet. The directions are flawless and easy to follow and all the people are so nice and helpful that it makes the whole experience a joy to partake in. I would highly recommend that anyone who is interested in gardening should attend next year. Notice that I didn't say ponds but gardening. A pond is a container or a hole in the ground with water in it. For it to really look good it must have plants and landscaping around it. And there is plenty of that

This year my sister went with us on the south half of the tour. She has no interest in gardening or ponds [in some circles she is known as the "plant killer"] and she enjoyed the day very much. We took her vehicle and with the GPS were able to drive from one pond to the next quite easily.

Although all the ponds were beautiful and very individual to the owners I didn't take a lot of pictures this year. But one pond really struck my fancy. It was a pond made out of a swimming pool. When I read this in the information book I was thinking it just could not look good. Boy, was I wrong. Here are a few pictures just to show the imagination of some people. It was just gorgeous.

The ponds and landscaping that I liked the most was the Brushy Creek Community Center. As a Native Plant Society member and a known water mizer, I tend to like landscaping with said native plants and other drought and heat resistant plants. It was my Mecca. Whoever did this was good, I mean really good. It was stunning to me but might not look pleasing at all for some people. There were butterflies and bees on flowers everywhere. Birds were in abundance and they looked like happy birds as well. Plus, I really like big rocks in landscaping.


Titania said...

Hi Bob, thank you for your kind comment on my blog. You have a good, interesting blog yourself. The ponds you visited look great, I have three small ones in my garden. The story about the snakes is very cool and impressive. We have a few of those, not the same specie, around. I have a Phyton which lives since many years in the same Elkhorn fern. It is not an agressive or poisonous snake. I have never seen a three pound tomatoe, it must be a real heirloom tomatoe.We grow tomatoes too but have always a bit a problem with the wilt, as it can be very humid where we live.

Lori said...

Thanks for posting those pond tour pictures. I've gotta agree with you about that pond made from a swimming pool-- sounds awful in theory, but it looks kind of whimsical and cool in the pictures.

Bob said...

I forgot to mention, Titania, that it is an ugly tomato, with deep creases on top and a naval on the bottom. But, like I said, the taste is superb. It could never be sold commercially as Americans expect perfect looking veggi's even if the taste is bland.

Lori, I didn't get a good picture of the drip ledge but it went all the way down one side and came out of a beautiful bog. Very nice. Bob