Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Invasion

I always have some Henbit. Not a lot mind you, just some. Usually it grows in the pebble walkways of the vegi gardens. However, there is so little as to have never been considered  a problem. It is a bear to pull up though, with weak stems and a mass of very fine roots.

I'm not sure exactly what caused it but this year it has just exploded. It is every where to some degree but most prolific in the raised beds of the vegi garden. Even with the near perfect soil there, it is still a problem to pull up. Some beds were just solid side to side and end to end. It was growing in amongst the winter growth of Butter Crunch and Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce so I knew I would have to hand pull those.

I planted one bed with what the seed companies call Mesclun. It's a mix of seeds that is supposed to grow you a mix of salad greens. I've never tried it before because I just didn't think you could get a whole mix of palnts that would all grow at the same rate. I was right. This bed came up with several different types of greens but one type took over the whole bed. I'm not even sure what this plant is. Does any one know? I know it didn't taste very good. And, of course, there is Henbit sticking out every where there was a little sun light. I just pulled out the entire bed to make room for late winter/early spring greens.

I tried pulling Henbit with out much luck. The plants were just too close together. I finally got out one of the little bent tonged forks you get with a garden trowel when you buy the set. It worked much better but the plants were so thick that I just couldn't get enough pull on it to pull very big clumps. I went up to the shop and built me one with a long handle and it worked perfect. I'm not sure it will work very good for any other type weed but it made short work of the Henbit.


katina said...

yeah, the henbit is out of control here as well (as are the dandelions). Ally said that she had someone ask her where they could buy henbit since they thought it would grow well in one of their trouble areas.

Cat said...

How nice that you have a shop and can configure tools to your liking and purpose! The henbit is happy here in the NW part of Austin too. I had one smiling at me a couple weeks ago. Jenny called it cheeky and I think that describes it perfectly!

I found a picture of a trellis I like on pinterest. I'm gonna try to email it to you to see if it's something you can recreate.

Bob said...

I've still got plenty to sell if they are looking Katina.

Send it to me Cat, I can probably do it.

Elgin_house said...

Us too, Bob. Our "lawn" is a bright green mix of clover, henbit, and shepherd's purse--all three have gone nuts this year. Which is fine, but it's invaded our flower beds, too.

I haven't geared myself up to yank the stuff, though. I think I'm hoping the Garden Brownies will come along and deal with it for me. Not sure how well that strategy's gonna work out for us.

katina said...

Also, I will henceforth refer to that tool as "The claw" with awed reverence in my voice (like the little alien toys in Toy Story)

Bob said...

The claw sounds perfect. I am even a little scared of it.

benton said...

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Meredith said...

Bob, you are a genious! I'm heading out in a sec to tackle more henbit -- I'm going to be wishing I had a claw, too!

TexasDeb said...

Late to the game here - I think what you pulled up (and didn't particularly care for) may be sorrel? Has a bit of a bitter astringent taste to it? Not our favorite, either.

I don't have much henbit (thanks for the cautionary tale though - I'll keep an eye on it) but good grief the sticky weed is suddenly everywhere. I have the same problem with it breaking off rather than coming out, not to mention how it then clings a ride and tries to sneak back into the house. Ugh!

Maybe you'll be marketing The Claw soon?