Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally Finished Walkway

Patience is something every gardener must have. It seems we are always waiting on something. Waiting to plant, waiting to harvest, or waiting for blooms, we are always waiting for something. I started this walkway in the winter of 2008. I got all the way to the last rock and didn't have one. The last rock is always the hardest as it needs to fit in a finite space. That space has a shape as well, so the last rock has to be sized right and be shaped right. I now have hauled enough rock in to almost make another walkway, just looking for that perfect rock to fit "the space". The walkway is now complete, a year and a half later.

This is what the area looked like before we started.

The walkway around my raised beds had gotten to this point the year before when I ran out of rock. I used a string level to find the amount of fall between the high ground and the lower ground. With that information I could get an idea of how many of how thick of rocks that I needed to make a good transition down the slope.The first job is looking at your rocks and deciding which rocks you want to use where. The second job is hauling the rocks closer into the job. The Chief might be little but she's got heart. She insists on helping with all the projects. She's tough as nails but some times get's something she can't handle. Here she looks like she's making good progress, moving this big rock.

If you don't keep up with where your fingers are when the big rock shifts then you get this kind of look on your face.
After that it was up to the common laborer to haul the rocks. Notice that my rock is smaller than the one she was moving.
When I build walkways up a slope I always start at the bottom. I have the next higher rock overhang the lower rock by an inch or so. I bed the rocks in with sandy loam dirt and stomp the dirt down and leave the rock a little high on the uphill side to allow for settling.
This view shows how they overlap a little.
The roses had to be tied back to run along the fence so more rocks could be added. The rosemary got a good trim later.
After finally finding that last rock, here is the rock walkway finished. It looks like Bonnie, the Blue Lacy, really likes it.
We are on to other projects now. Weve started a new bed in the back. Of course there are big rocks involved. I told you, she's got heart.


Missie said...

Beautiful! Your entries always inspire me to continue on our property!

katina said...

Ha that's right. The men stand around and let the women do all the heavy lifting. ;)

I'm glad to see that you guys are STILL moving around big rocks even after the walkway is complete.

Pam/Digging said...

I enjoyed your post and people pics, Bob. Whew, that's a lot of rock to move, but you obviously know how to do it. Your new rock stair looks great.

ESP said...

Hi Bob you "rock" star! Ahem, yes that was pretty bad I know, but what a great path you have laid there on a very awkward slope.

We really enjoyed having you both in the Patch today. Thank you for visiting and for the metal grasshopper and ladybug, they have now taken pride of place on top of our TV of all places.

Had fun,

PS Can you tell L that my L could not find her on Facebook? :-)

ESP said...

Also...what was the name of that blue flowering plant with the fern-like frond you gave me?
I have a memory like a sieve!

Bob said...

Ok Philip, one more time, it's Blue Curls,Phacelia congesta. You'll remember it this time because I put the Latin name. I know the Patch works on Latin names. At least a tiny little man [obviously Naboo] told me that during my visit the other day.

I so enjoyed our visit with you and yours the other day. We've talked about it ever since. I did not see as much of the front yard as I had wanted. I am in the process of doing mine and wanted to see what good ideas I could steal. Hope to see you guys again real soon.

Lancashire rose said...

What a great job you guys did. It just finishes off the raised beds perfectly as well as making access easier. I love working with rocks almost better than doing the plants and David has really learnt to work with rocks! We have one of those dollys too and it has hauled thousands of pounds of limestone. Aren't we lucky to have this stuff right at our fingertips. Well not quite, it's usually downhill. The bluecurls you brought for me is doing beautifully and I plan to collect and spread the seeds. Hope the deer don't munch on it. How's the water situation there? I see all those tanks in the background. We are so dry here I think everything is just going to die if we don't get some rain soon.

TexasDeb said...


Now I have rock envy. We seem to have plenty of it out front but unfortunately it is all of one piece (otherwise known as the hill we live on).

I think rock walkways are the best. They don't require maintenance and butterflies seem to love to sip out of the tiny dips that naturally occur in the surfaces. Yours are prime examples of rock done right. Kudos!

LindaCTG said...

Wow on all those rocks! And I love your expressions. I'm making some in empathy right now. But it sure looks great. Inspires me to haul some more rocks myself, though I think you two are the champs.

ESP said...

Got it now Bob! Mmmm "congesta" to be a story behind that one!

Going to Robin's Gogo?


ConsciousGardener said...

Beautiful Stairway Bob! Wow! I love the shot of Lynn's holler, Ouch!

The Curious Holts said...

Wow...amazing path! I want one. could I borrow the Chief?

Meredith said...

Great new rock path. Clearly your hard work paid off!