Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow In Central Texas

It's hard to believe that only a couple of days ago there was four inches of snow on the ground and did not get over 31 degrees and today it was 62 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. That would be all systems normal for central Texas. I've lived in Texas for all my life and can count the times we've had snow on both hands. It's good to have a snow every eight or ten years but I wouldn't want it every year all winter like it is up north. Here's some pictures of the snow at our place.


Caroline said...

Love the look of the snow on the yuccas, rosemary and grasses. But I am glad we don't have to deal with snow all summer!

Tabor said...

This winter has been very unusual. We rarely get more than one or two real snowfalls here in the mid-Atlantic, but have had at least 5! And the temps do not get above freezing for days, so the snow just lies there becoming a crust of ice. Now I dread that summer will be filled with hurricanes and unbearable heat. Aren't I the optimist?

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Lancashire rose said...

Bob, it was really great to meet you yesterday and thanks for the pieces of fencing. I just looked through your portfolio and you really are an incredible artist. So versatile. Hope one day to get out to your place, especially when you have those cantaloupes growing. I know you must have amazing vegetable gardens.

katina said...

I like the picture of Lyn with the dogs.

When we went to Colorado for Christmas, we took the cats with us because Ivy still had her feeding tube from her kidney failure fun extravaganza and I didn't want to ask the neighbor to come over 10 times a day to make sure she got food and water. And if you're going to take one cat with you, you might as well take two. So we decided to do a road trip with two cats who have never spent more than 10 minutes in a car. It of course snowed while we were there so we put them outside to see what they would do. Both of them probably hoped to never see the white stuff ever again. And yet, 8 weeks later, there's the white stuff, all over again.

captcha: drysinge...sounds like a type of plant to me.

Diana said...

Bob, it was so nice to meet you yesterday. I love your snow pictures -- they are just great. Looks like you got quite a bit. Thanks for the piece of fencing - gotta buy a vine to climb it now!

AMIT said...

I love this type of weather.

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