Friday, June 12, 2009

It must be dry

Every time it get's really dry the snakes start showing up in the pond. We've already had several water snakes in the pond and have lost a couple of really beautiful koa. I guess when you have some of the only water around you have to expect it, but it really makes me mad to lose koa that are starting to get into the large size. I usually borrow a snake grabber stick from the feed store to catch and relocate them to some place a long way from my ponds. The snake stick was already borrowed when the snake was here and it was able to get his meal and take his ill gotten booty and leave. I know it will be back and I am ready now. I built my own snake stick and it is much better than the other one.

Lyn has already used it to catch a juvenile Blotched Water snake so it is already worth the time it took to build it.

On another note, I am having a heck of a time loading and moving pictures on blogger. I have several long posts with lots of pictures but have been unable to get them done. Is anyone else having this problem?


Jennings said...

I love beets too! Way to go. I just get them via Greenlings, but would love to grow our own eventually once I get a good bed of soil going.
And yeah, I hear you - I kind of regret using blogger even tho at the time it seemed great. But it's not the most user friendly, esp with photos, cutting and pasting. I sympathize.

katina said...

I hate moving pictures around in the "compose" mode on blogger, and usually just end up copying the html code under the "code" mode, and moving it to where I want it to be.

I don't think I've had pickled father in law loves them though and when I told the inlaws I was doing the Farm to Work thing and I had no idea what to make with beets, my father in law said "pickle them!!" and my mother in law said "no, Shawn won't eat them, and Katina probably won't like them, it's a waste of beets for them. You should roast them instead." Sadly I think the only things I've done with the beets have been Borscht and julienned raw on salad. But I must like them since I bought some seeds to try in the fall.

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