Friday, January 16, 2009

Fall Colors

I'm behind on some of my posts that I wanted to get out. We have been having Internet problems. It just won't stay connected for more than a few minutes. Makes posting a real problem. I was told it was from wind damage to an antenna somewhere in some nether region that our signal must pass. It's been getting better as time goes on so here is the post that was supposed to be in late November.

Here on our little acreage we have three draws that go through the property, with the driveway going across them all. It was an expensive undertaking to make a good road across them but does let us have a little more variety in the plant life, from high and dry to almost riparian. It also lets one have better views across and down the draws of the plant, as well as the animal, life. I wouldn't be as happy with a level piece of property.

The overly dry summer made for some good fall color, even though I didn't think it would. Some of the Spanish Oaks were blood red and others seemed to stay with more of a yellow tint.

You can see the combo here.

Even the forest floor was a lot more colorful with these Spice Bush and Summer Grape leaves strewn about atop the walnut leaves.

There was even a little fall color on the lotus leaves in the ponds. With the sun on it, this leaf just pulled my attention to it over the last of my gardens fall blooms.


Lancashire rose said...

It certainly looks as though our wacko weather was good for something. We rarely get that kind of color. I love that word "draw" I see it marking drainage when driving through West Texas. I just envisage cowboys and indians.

Bob said...

I try not to use the Texas lingo any more than I have to as I wonder if my posts will make since to any one, but occasionally something slips by.

Chandramouli S said...

Most of the trees here are evergreen so we rarely get to see the fall color here. It's a treat to see such varied shades of red! Great fall post, Bob! I especially love the rosy leaves photo.

ConsciousGardener said...

I've been in crush with the fall colors for months now! I don't remember a fall this beautiful before...I've only been in Austin 11 years though. Lovely!

Texas Mom said...

Very nice! Makes me wish we'd remembered to visit Lost Maples State Park back in October. Heard it's stunning to see.